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What is in the drink?

All Natural: 

  1. Premium Vodka

  2. Cream Liqueur

  3. Espresso 

Blended together - simply pour, shake, and sip!​

Who is your distributor?

NikkiTini is wholesaled in NJ and NY by "hands on" brand owners. 

In NJ, we use Seamans Beverage and Logistics based out of Clifton NJ to store, deliver, and process product invoices. 

In NY, we use Dozortsev & Sons.

How is it packaged?

NikkiTini is bottled into a 750 ML Arizona bottles and packaged in 12 pack cases.

What’s the minimum order amount?

For liquor stores, bar/restaurants, and event venues the minimum order is one 12 pk case. Locations drive delivery minimums and retail incentive programs. 

All retail customers have sold all initial orders! You won't be disappointed! 

What Marketing Materials come with my order?

Liquor stores who order 5+ cases (best price and RIP deal) have the option of getting a product display (see homepage for examples) & tasting performed by Beyond Promotions free of charge.

Are there similar Espresso RTD drinks available by other liquor brands?

No. NikkiTini is a new Spirit Brand focused on serving Quality, Ready to Drink (RTD) cocktails. There is not another brand that offers a 750 ML RTD espresso martini that contains (quality and all natural) vodka, cream liquor, and espresso @ 15% Alcohol By Volume (ABV)! You definitely "taste" the liquor in our drink.  

In full transparency, Kahlua has a (non-cream) 4.5 ABV % espresso martini packaged in an 8 oz. can.

On the Rocks came out with an Espresso martini product in Q3-2022 in a 375 ML bottle -- no cream and extra sweet in our opinion. 

I'll let you taste the difference. 

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